Hug Sleep

Climb in, sleep tight.

Sleep Pod is easy to use. Just climb inside, pull its top section past your shoulders and...thats it!

As Sleep Pod's specialty material stretches, it will start applying soothing comfort around your entire body, simulating the feeling of being hugged.

Sleep Pod is made of a breathable material that does not trap heat, and is machine washable for easy care. Sleep Pod also is constructed with a 6-thread flat lock stitch, giving its seams incredible strength and durability.

The Simple Science.

cartoon like image of fluffy sheep sitting on a moon

Deeper Sleep

Science shows that pressure applied to the body helps bring about a deeper sleep cycle.

Research Link

cartoon like image of fluffy sheep fast asleep in bed

Reduced Stress & Anxiety

Applying firm, but gentle pressure helps to ease stress and anxiety.

Research Link

cartoon like image of fluffy sheep asleep

Calming Comfort

Sleep Pod wraps around your entire body, simulating the feeling of being hugged.