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The Cocoon Swaddle Blanket For Anxious Sleepers

Soothing pressure for quality, uninterrupted sleep.

Relief for anxiety-based sleep disorders

Based on deep touch pressure therapy

Uses 360° full-body compression

Available in kids and adult sizes

30-Night Money Back Guarantee

How Sleep Pod work?

Built on the principles of Deep Touch Pressure Therapy, Sleep Pod envelopes your entire body in a gentle and calming pressure to recreate the comforting sensation of being hugged.

This innovative approach effectively pacifies the brain's fight-or-flight response, and induces a state of deep full-body relaxation.

The result? Unparalleled anxiety relief that primes your mind for a great, uninterrupted night’s sleep.


"It’s actually really smoothing! It’s got a silky soft feeling. Very snuggly and very stretchy!"

Experience Premium Comfort

Lightweight & Ultrasoft Fabric

Keeps you extra cozy and cool

Temperature Regulating

Breathable and doesn’t trap heat

4-Way HugStretch Technology

Gentle compression for the perfect hug

Full Foot Freedom

Stick your feet out from under the covers

What People are Saying

Miracle In A Blanket!

I am convinced that this blanket pod isn't just comfy, it's actually good for you. I don't feel as anxious anymore due to the lessening of all the chronic tension I carry. I can actually be at rest at night. I'd forgotten what that felt like. I’ll be getting my husband one whether he knows he wants it or not”

- Felicia K.

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Honestly Life Changing

I am so passionate and obsessed with this product. I work almost 70 hours a week and cannot remember the last time I slept through the night. The Hug Sleep has completely changed that for me. The comfort and relaxation that this product provides is incomparable, whether it's during sleep or during moments of anxiety. You need one.

- Katherine

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Personal Cocoon

I absolutely love mine and can't sleep comfortably without it now. Pairing it with my weighted blanket is just pure bliss and makes it near impossible to want to get put of bed because I'm just so dang comfortable. At first I was iffy on buying it cause of the price but thank goodness for the pay in 4 installments option.

- Sean

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Text - Similar to a weighted blanket but without the weight and constriction. I don't like a lot of blankets and I get hot easily - not a problem with the hooded sleep pod move. It hugs you gently but stays breathable and movable. Super cozy, I sleep really well with it on.

- Adam

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Ok so I wanted to buy it for few years…but I said I’ll never pay 100 bucks for a blanket….I was super wrong…what a product so cozy and fun to sleep…love it absolutely love it.

- Italy

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Sleep Pod vs. Weighted Blanket

How to Use Sleep Pod

1.While in bed, slip inside Sleep Pod so that the top seam is at a comfortable height.

2.Starting near your upper chest and working up to above your shoulders.

3.The 4-way stretch fabric will compress, providing a calming, swaddling pressure around your body.

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