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The Cocoon Swaddle Blanket For Anxious Sleepers

Soothing pressure for quality, uninterrupted sleep.

360° Full-body compression

Lightweight and breathable

Available in kids and adult sizes

30-Night Money Back Guarantee

What is the Sleep Pod?

Sleep Pod’s unique design provides a gentle, calming pressure around the entire body— inducing a sensation of relaxation which can provide anxiety relief.

Based on the science of Deep Touch Pressure Therapy this compression simulates the feeling of being hugged, calming the brain’s fight-or-flight response, and allowing you to sleep through the night.


"It’s actually really smoothing! It’s got a silky soft feeling. Very snuggly and very stretchy!"

Sleep Pod vs. Weighted Blanket

What People are Saying

Wanna be your own little spoon every single night? Hug Sleep Pod makes it happen. The soothing pressure this applies helps me fall asleep faster and stay deeply asleep longer. So good, I came back to buy another TWO!

- Felicia K.

Verified Buyer

The Sleep Pod provides the same comfort I get from a weighted blanket, limits my movement during sleep, and allows me to still curl up when I want to. If you have trouble sleeping or need the comfort of some restrictions to movement - this is for you!

- Rich

Verified Buyer

I absolutely love mine and can't sleep comfortably without it now.

Pairing it with my weighted blanket is just pure bliss and makes it near impossible to want to get put of bed because I'm just so dang comfortable.

- Cassie

Verified Buyer

I was very skeptical about this product, because it seemed absurd. But I am a nervous legs person, as well as a bad sleeper.

Well, I splurged on one, and I have to say - it really does help me to sleep!!

- Linda

Verified Buyer

My daughter has a lot of trouble sleeping and settling down for the night. she has autism and sensory processing difficulties.

First night using this and she barely jumped around on her bed which is always a must before she’ll sleep.

- Felicia K.

Verified Buyer

How It Works

1.1. While in bed, slip inside Sleep Pod so that the top seam is at a comfortable height.

2.2. Starting near your upper chest and working up to above your shoulders.

3.3. The 4-way stretch fabric will compress, providing a calming, swaddling pressure around your body.

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