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We want you to sleep better.

We loved the feeling of calm that weighted blankets bring, but thought we could do better. After many long days and nights, we accomplished just that.

Sleep Pod is a completely new application of sleeping under pressure. We packaged this proven science into a completely new sleep solution, and have been able to avoid some of the common complaints associated with weighted blankets.

illustration showing couple sleep in bed with cat between them

Why we started

Having tried weighted blankets, we were encouraged by the science of Deep Touch Pressure Therapy, and its positive affects on anxiety and sleep, but quickly experienced some of the common complaints with weighted blankets. We thought we could evolve and rethink the entire concept, and in 2016, we started that journey.

Illustration showing  4 way stretchable material icon

Aha moment

Having spent many months developing the fabric and overall design, we landed on the perfect marriage of material, design and construction. Quality is one of our biggest concerns, so that is why we have kept manufacturing in the U.S. where each Sleep Pod is precisely cut and assembled by hand.

illustration of person in Sleep Pod with pressure arrows applied around body

Sleep Pod

A soothing pressure is applied from its breathable, 4-way stretch material. Its unique cocoon-like shape wraps around your entire body, leaving you tucked in throughout the night. Plus, Sleep Pod is machine washable for easy care.

Meet The Team

Fueled by coffee and quesadillas.

image of Hatch Sleep founder Matt

"I initially fell in love with my weighted blanket, but quickly experienced a lot of the common complaints. With a background in product design, I set out to completely rethink the concept and create a new, modern version. After many months in development, Sleep Pod was born."

image of Hatch Sleep company member Angie with caption "Creative/supportive Wife"

"I am so excited to be able to get Sleep Pod out into the market and help those who are struggling with sleep and anxiety issues. Having a sleep disorder myself, I love to hear that others have tried Sleep Pod and found relief and relaxation."