Hug Sleep

Why We Like Sleeping Under Weight

Image of child asleep in pile of leaves

Why we like sleeping under pressure and how do we benefit? 

Think back to the last time you received a calming hug from a family member, or feeling a sense of relaxation when an x-ray vest was placed over your body. What do both of these situations have in common? Applying gentle, but firm pressure to your body can help to reduce anxiety and stress. Research has shown that Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation decreases the level of cortisol ( the stress hormone) in your body, which is significant for people who encounter anxiety on a regular basis. 


How Sleep Pod works to help you get better sleep

Sleep Pod was designed out of necessity. Having been a restless sleeper for years, and finding weighted blankets had many drawbacks, we decided to create a better solution. Sleep Pod, a patent pending sleep solution, uses a unique material that stretches and compresses around your body, applying soothing pressure. This pressure can create an overall sense of calm and well-being by releasing serotonin and dopamine (an up-lifting neurotransmitters).