What Is a Sensory Compression Sheet?

What Is a Sensory Compression Sheet?


Do you or your child ever experience sleep problems rooted in feelings of stress, anxiety, or restlessness? You are not alone. Many people all around the world struggle with these same feelings every day.

If you do not really enjoy your bed or your sheets, then you most likely don’t feel relaxed when you lay your head down to sleep.

Not a lot of people prioritize improving their sleeping environment in an effort to improve their sleeping habits. Maybe you have tried making your bedroom the most comfortable place on earth but aren’t quite there — hopefully, we can help. But first, here’s some info to know about sleep and being comfy. 

Comfy Quarters

Maybe you got all of the best sheets, blankets, pillows, and put your thermostat to the perfect temperature. However, it still hasn’t done much for the anxious feelings that linger at night. You are not alone! 

Pretty much everyone has some experience with feeling overwhelmed, whether it is due to an issue at work, at home, physical, or mental. You most likely have felt what it’s like to be overwhelmed. It’s okay to feel that way sometimes, but you should look into different ways to find relief that works for you, especially at night.

Whether it’s going for a run, watching your favorite show, talking with a loved one, or some other remedy, find it and implement it as soon as those anxious feelings start rising.

Maybe you are someone who feels like they have tried everything under the sun to help relieve your stress or even your child’s stress, and nothing is working out, or maybe you are just embarking on your journey to fixing this problem. Maybe it is so bad that it is having a negative impact on your sleep every night. In this case, compression sheets or blankets are an absolute must-try!

So, what is a sensory compression sheet? And what makes it such a special solution to the feelings of anxiety and stress? 

What Is a Sensory Compression Sheet? 

A sensory compression sheet is a light-weight sheet that is made to wrap around your bed. It is typically made of a high-quality, stretchy material. 

Sensory compression sheets are big enough to stretch all the way around a bed and cover you as much as you want to be covered. They are breathable so that if you want the sheet to completely cover you, you can do that safely and very, very comfortably. The weight that you feel is much lighter than that of a weighted blanket, and you still gain a lot of the same benefits. 

As you slip into the sheet at night, you will notice light compression that, for most people, is pleasant and snug, similar to a gentle hug. This feeling can provide a sensation of comfort and relief from feelings of anxiety and overwhelming stress.

Sensory compression sheets come in different sizes and designs. You can find great options for children and parents alike. 

What Does the Sensory Compression Sheet Do? 

A sensory compression sheet applies gentle touch to your entire body while simultaneously providing you with warm, light pressure all night. Deep touch pressure therapy may help ease feelings of stress and anxiety to help ease feelings of being overwhelmed so you can find some peace and get some shuteye. 

If you are a parent with an overactive child, this sheet could be your best friend. Many parents swear by compression sheets, clothing, and anything else that simulates touch therapy.

These types of items, similar to weighted blankets and clothes, can aid kids in addressing overactive energy, lack of focus, lack of balance, and lack of body awareness. It’s a parent’s dream, and it’s almost perfect — you just can’t take it everywhere your child may need it.  

The Better Option 

While the sensory compression sheet is a phenomenal way to find relief from anxious feelings at night, it is completely limited to the bed. It’s made specifically for beds, so if the night is young and you want to still have family time but you or your child are feeling anxious and need some relief, you will have to pick between getting to your compression sheet in bed or getting to enjoy some family time. 

You shouldn’t have to choose between your family and your personal comfort. You also shouldn’t have to send your child to bed just to get them the calming remedy they need. If you are enjoying time with your family, you and your children should be able to have calming compression therapy and spend time together at the same time.

Luckily there is a portable option that can accomplish all of the same things as the sensory compression sheet. 

All About the Sleep Pod Move

Hug Sleep's Sleep Pod Move is the perfect option for any family wishing to get deep touch pressure stimulation in a portable way. It is a cozy blanket made out of a four-way polyspan material that is breathable and stretchy.

The Sleep Pod Move is a lightweight compression blanket that can keep you warm without getting too warm, and is constructed in a cocoon-type shape with openings in the bottom that allow you to poke your feet out if you want to cool down or just have some breathing room to wiggle your toes. 

This cozy blanket is not only portable because it is a blanket; it is also portable because you can wear it. Due to its compression and ability to open at the top and bottom, you or your child are able to pull it all the way up your body and roll it up your legs and walk around. It's the perfect balance of compression without feeling restricted.

Now you and the whole family can receive the deep touch therapy you never knew you needed while spending time together watching your favorite show, playing your favorite game, or doing whatever nightly activity you enjoy most. Not to mention: it's great for sleeping. 

If you are someone who really benefits from your sensory compression sheet, but your partner does not enjoy it, you can now enjoy a good night's sleep with the individualized Sleep Pod. You both can get what is most comfortable for you. 

Being able to receive this type of relief while not changing your sleep environment too drastically can make it a seamless transition and happy compromise for you and your partner. 

The Importance of a Comfortable Home Environment

It is no secret to you that life can be complex. Maybe for you, it is a walk in the park. You go to your dream job every day or run in the morning. That’s amazing!

Maybe you’re on the other end of things. You don’t love your job and things just do not seem to be going your way. Whatever your life looks like, you are going to want to do everything you can do to improve your quality of life. After all, your home life is potentially the only thing that you can actually somewhat control. 

Comfort can come in two main ways: physical comfort and emotional comfort. 

Physical Comfort 

Depending on what you like, physical comfort could manifest itself in many different ways. No matter what your style is, it is important to have a comfortable bedroom and living area.

When you come home, you want to be able to put on comfortable clothes, kick your feet up, and fully physically relax. It may even serve you to have a relaxation routine. Don’t allow yourself to do any work after you put on those comfortable clothes. Make it a sacred space so that your brain only associates your nighttime routine with relaxation. 

Emotional Comfort 

We are human, and drama can find its way into the healthiest of relationships. It’s natural, but don’t let it become a prevailing thing. No one wants to dread returning to their home because they can’t emotionally relax when they get there. This is especially important for households with children. 

Creating an emotionally safe household can look different for every family, but the main common factor between most is healthy and open communication. Take the time to talk about your day when you all are home; let your loved ones know you are there for them if they need to talk. 

Listening with open empathy, even if you hear something you don’t want to hear, is just one example of practices that create a healthy, happy home.

When your home is both emotionally and physically comfortable, your brain and your body will be more inclined to relax whenever it recognizes that it is home. This can have a positive effect on your sleep as well as your ability to deter stress and feelings of anxiety. 

At the End of the Day

If you are experiencing feelings of stress and anxiety, know that you are certainly not alone. There are many people every day that feel overwhelmed to the point that it can affect their sleep at night. There are a number of things you can do to try and relieve these feelings and improve your quality of life. A sensory compression sheet is just one of those things.

A sensory compression sheet is a lightweight and breathable sheet that wraps completely around your bed. This stretchy sheet is made to apply compression to your entire body while you sleep. This compression can relieve some of the feelings of stress and anxiety, bringing you the comfort of being “hugged” all night long. 

Not only is it great for an overwhelmed adult, but it also serves as a powerful way to calm overactive children and help them get some rest. 

All this said, while compression sheets can be highly effective, it is not the only item that can accomplish this goal. 

Here at Hug Sleep, we know just how important calm sleep can be for a peaceful home environment. The Sleep Pod Move is a blanket that can facilitate deep touch pressure therapy. This cocoon-shaped blanket makes it easy to receive the calming remedy of a sensory compression sheet with none of the restrictions.

The sensory compression sheet is made exclusively for beds, while the Sleep Pod Move can be worn virtually anywhere. Even though it is cocoon-shaped, there are openings in the bottom that make it so you can roll it up and walk while you wear it. This allows you to experience relief whenever and wherever you want it. 

Finally, if you are looking to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety in your life, be sure to make your home as physically and emotionally comfortable as possible, so every time you walk through that door, it’s walking into your own comforting space just for you. 



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