Weighted Blanket Alternatives for Easier Travel, Mobility, and Comfort

Weighted Blanket Alternatives for Easier Travel, Mobility, and Comfort


Do you travel a lot? Are you planning a big trip soon? Traveling can be stressful for anyone. No matter if you travel every week for work or twice a year for vacation, traveling can bring up feelings of anxiety. 

You will probably find yourself worried that you forgot something, that your flight will be delayed, that your phone is dying and there is no way to charge it, or that your car will get a flat tire. Whatever you are doing, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you are traveling. 

Because traveling can be so stressful, people have continuously looked for ways to make it more comfortable. If you are traveling by plane, then you could bring one of those travel neck pillows and a nice blanket. If you are traveling by car, you can stock up on snacks and put on your favorite podcasts. Whatever it is, you may be starting to find your rhythm. That’s great!

Maybe you are a weighted blanket user at home, and you are considering bringing it with you in the car or on the plane but are worried it would be too heavy. Or maybe you had even brought it with you once before and realized that trudging the heavy blanket all over the airport was way more work than it was worth. 

The weighted blanket certainly lives up to its name when you are walking a good distance with it stuffed inside a backpack or tucked under your arm. 

Is there an alternative to this problem? Can you get the comfort and relief that a weighted blanket brings without having to deal with carrying around a thick, heavy blanket? Well, the short answer is yes!

There is a great alternative out there, but first, let’s dive into what a weighted blanket actually does. 

What Is the Purpose of Weighted Blankets? 

Weighted blankets are blankets that weigh much more than your average household blanket. There are typically two styles of weighted blankets: duvet style and knitted style.

The knitted style is just a regular blanket woven with thick and heavy material. The duvet-style blanket looks much like a small comforter that has small beads made out of plastic or glass inside to add weight. Both seem to work just as well as the other, and both can be used in the typical ways that blankets are used in your home.

The purpose of a weighted blanket is to simulate the effects of deep pressure stimulation (DPS). This is the process in which pressure can ease the nervous system, bringing someone calming and comforting effects. These effects vary from person to person.

For some people, it just helps them fall asleep a little faster; for others, it can reduce feelings of anxiety or stress. Either way, DPS can give people a more secure feeling during overwhelming times. Weighted blankets are similar to that of a gentle hug, except in the form of a full-body blanket. 

Many people swear by these blankets. No one wants to feel overwhelmed in any capacity. If this type of blanket brings you relief when you need it, then there’s no doubt that you are going to want to use it as much as possible. 

The Cons of Weighted Blankets

While these blankets work well for a lot of people, they may not be the best solution for every situation. For some people who tend to feel claustrophobic in certain situations, the weight of the blanket can prove to be a little too intense for them. This is doubly true if it weighs around the recommended ten percent of the user's body weight. 

The weight of the blanket may not be unsettling to you, but it could be annoying if you want to bring it with you on trips. Like what was mentioned above, they certainly are not the best option for traveling on a plane or even sitting in a car. These heavy blankets can be extra cumbersome when you consider that some airports demand around one to two miles of walking just to get to your flight.

The last thing you want to do on a travel day is to carry a 12 to 16-pound blanket across an airport. So, what if you have gotten to the point where you need some deep pressure stimulation to relax?

You aren’t going to want to go without it when you travel. You need to be able to relax while you're traveling. Don’t worry — there is another option that solves the pesky weight issue. 

What Are Wearable Blankets? 

Blankets can be restrictive and annoying, especially when there is a lot of weight to them. Having a blanket that you can physically wear is the perfect solution to this problem. It doesn’t matter if you are sleeping or awake; no matter how much you roll around, you won’t need to worry about getting twisted up and restricted. 

What if you found out that a wearable blanket also simulates deep touch pressure stimulation similar to that of a weighted blanket? Well, it’s your lucky day!

The Sleep Pod Move is a wearable blanket that uses compression instead of weight to do just what you are looking for — relax you. It is shaped like a cocoon and made to fit snugly around your body, made up of a special four-way stretch polyspan material that is both lightweight and breathable.

Even though this blanket can conform to your individual body, a designated opening in the bottom allows you to poke your feet out (or keep them tucked in). This way, you can control the temperature inside the blanket to your preference. This makes the Sleep Pod Move great for every season. 

Where You Can Wear It

The lightweight design of this compression blanket allows you to feel the freedom you desire no matter when and where you are using it. Plus, it is extremely travel-friendly.

With its shape and size, you can take the Sleep Pod wherever you go — it won’t take up an obscene amount of space in your suitcase or backpack. Even better, it won’t weigh you down if you have to carry it under your arm as you make your way to your gate. You can grab it and go wherever you need to without struggling. 

When we say that the Sleep Pod is “wearable,” we mean it. The openings in the bottom of the blanket are not just for temperature regulation. You can use the opening to roll the blanket up past your knees and walk. Perhaps you are just getting off of the couch to grab a quick snack or you want to walk through the airport with the blanket swaddling you, you can do it all.

The airport may ask you to remove the blanket as you go through security, but at least you were comfortable getting there! It truly is a traveler's best friend. 

What Does the Sleep Pod Do? 

The Sleep Pod provides benefits that are very similar to that of the weighted blanket. It is just accomplishing the effects in a completely different way.

The main differences between the two are:

  • A weighted blanket applies pressure with weight to whatever part of your body it is sitting on.
  • The Sleep Pod uses gentle compression that surrounds your entire body all at once. This pressure is light and subtle, allowing the user to not feel overly confined while still applying pressure to promote comfort. 

If you are someone who often finds themselves feeling anxious at any point in the day, you are most certainly not alone. This is something that so many people deal with on a daily basis.

Maybe you are a frequent Googler of “tips to calm down,” or maybe you are just embarking on your journey towards nightly peace. Maybe you just love a great blanket. Whatever person you are, this blanket is a must-try. 

Travel: Why Comfort Is Critical

Traveling is something that we all have to do at one point or another. No matter who you are or what you are doing, the last thing you want is to be tired whenever you get where you are going.

There is no difference between flying to another state or country for a business meeting, going on your honeymoon, or visiting family for the holidays; arriving exhausted can make the first couple of days just shy of unbearable. 

It’s no secret that planes are not the most comfortable environment to be in for hours on end. Unless you have the privilege of flying first class, and sometimes even then, being on a plane can really exhaust you.

Have you ever seen an expert traveler? They walk on with their travel neck pillow, their business casual clothes, and all of the extra small traveling gadgets that you wish you had.

Whatever gadgets they have, it’s clear to see that this is far from their first time on a plane. You take notes for your next trip because they look so much more comfortable than you and everyone else around you. 

These people are typically business professionals that can not afford to show up to their destination tired. These people are likely getting off of their plane and immediately heading to a corporate office. They need their mind and body to be in top working shape. This is essential for delivering or receiving the information necessary to do their job to the best of their ability.

Because of this, business individuals take every measure to ensure that they aren’t going to show up too tired to think straight, no matter how far from home they are going. You can absolutely do the same.

Deep Pressure Touch Therapy While Traveling

If you are traveling for business or pleasure, you deserve to arrive refreshed, both physically and mentally. If you are going to a meeting, you want to be well-rested. If you are taking your family on vacation, you definitely want to feel refreshed.

You need something that, no matter how stressful your travel day is, you can still sit back and feel fully relaxed on that plane or on the long car ride. 

A wearable blanket that simulates deep touch pressure therapy might be just the thing.

When you show up on a plane with this blanket and your travel neck pillow, you are not only going to impress the seasoned traveler, you may even make them jealous. People notice when other people are truly comfortable on an airplane, it’s a sight that can be few and far between.

Be that person that everyone wishes they were as you snuggle up in a blanket and fall asleep for the whole trip. When it comes to traveling, both comfortability and mobility are essential to stay charged. 

Whether you have to be dressed up in business casual, or you can wear sweatpants and a hoodie — if you have your favorite blanket with you, you can be as comfortable as you can. It is also a big bonus that this particular blanket is light and easily transportable. 

Traveling and Stress 

Regardless of how many times you pull that trusty suitcase out of your closet, you should not underestimate the value of being as comfortable as possible while you are traveling. Not only is traveling tiring in and of itself, but it can also be a highly stressful experience.

Some of these worries can include: fretting about getting to the airport on time, dealing with flight changes and cancelations, going through security, and keeping the kids entertained in the car whenever you’re not on the plane. It all can be one large stressful mess no matter how much you plan ahead. 

No one enjoys feeling stressed out. This is one of the reasons why weighted blankets were invented. People learned that applying a little bit of weight to their bodies can relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. Over time, weighted blankets have become a valuable tool for soothing stress. 

While weighted blankets are great options for in-home relief and comfort, they are not the most transportable item. They are weighted, after all — not many people want to add 12 extra pounds to their suitcase or backpack when traveling. 

So, while weighted blankets can be effective, they are not a feasible option for traveling.

Hug Sleep for the Best Trip Ever

At Hug Sleep, we have created a perfect travel alternative to the weighted blanket: the Sleep Pod. 

The Sleep Pod is a wearable blanket that you can pull up around your body, wrapping yourself up in a cocoon. This blanket is stretchy, breathable, and overall just comfortable. With an opening in the boom that allows you to regulate temperature, it is great for any environment.

Instead of weight, this blanket uses compression to help create relief from stress. The compression simulates deep touch pressure stimulation just like the weight of a weighted blanket, but with none of the heaviness. 

The Sleep Pod blanket is actually quite light and compact, making it the perfect blanket for travel.

Not only can it easily fit in a suitcase or be carried under your arm when traveling, but it can also be worn while you walk. If you want to roll the blanket up a little bit and walk about, you can easily do that with the Sleep Pod Move

It’s no secret that comfort is important while you travel. Being uncomfortable and stuck on a plane or in the middle seat of a station wagon can lead to more stress and anxiety and also just flat-out exhaust you.

If you're traveling, the odds are that it is for a good reason. Whatever it is you're doing, there is no time to waste being too tired to do it or enjoy it. You want to get off of that plan or hop out of that car and be ready to take on the world. Making sure you're comfortable is by far the best way to do that.

So, don’t take that trip until you’ve picked up your comfortable alternative for a weighted blanket. You won’t regret it! 



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