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Some of the common complaints with weighted blankets


Some of the common complaints of weighted blankets

While weighted blankets have been around for several decades, they have just recently seen a large increase of popularity in the consumer market. Many new companies are entering the market, offering a similar product with a new marketing angle. Below are some of the most common complaints around weighted blankets, and why a weight blanket may not be the best solution for you.



Weighted blankets from reputable companies can sell between $200 to $400, which can be cost prohibitive for many prospective customers. This is a significant purchase and can make you think twice about purchasing.


Overheating During Sleep

Weighted blankets have been known to trap heat throughout the night, due in part to the material used for adding the weight. This can results in restless and lower quality sleep.


Difficulty washing

Because of their weight (ranging anywhere from 10 lb -30 lbs) weighted blankets are notoriously difficult to wash and require special care.



Weighted blankets usually come sized for a single person. This can be very limiting for those who are tall or toss and turn throughout the night. Because of their weight, if the blanket starts to drape over the edge of the bed, the weight can pull itself off, leaving you uncovered. 



Many people benefit from the effects of Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation, but find that it is very difficult to pack and travel with their weighted blanket.  


Sleep Pod solves these problems

Sleep Pod was created to deliver the benefits for Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation, while not having the same drawbacks as a weighted blanket. Sleep Pod uses a specialized, breathable fabric that does not trap heat and is machine washable. Because of its unique, patent-pending shape, Sleep Pod wraps around your entire body, leaving you tucked in throughout the night. And because it uses its specialized 4-way stretch material to apply pressure, Sleep Pod weighs under 1 lb - making its simple for travel.

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