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5 Reasons Why Weighted Blankets Aren’t for Everybody


If you’ve had a pulse over the last five years, chances are you’ve heard of weighted blankets. They’re shown to reduce anxiety, cut down on tossing and turning and even help with depression. It’s like an 8- hour hug! What’s not to like?

For me, and hundreds of thousands of other troubled sleepers, weighted blankets have far too many drawbacks to be worthwhile. And trust me, I’ve tried them all. Here are the top five reasons why weighted blankets can’t match the hype.

1- They’re expensive.

Like eat-Ramen-noodles-for-a-month expensive. Many name brand weighted blankets start at a whopping $250 and only go up from there. If you’re tall or need a heavier blanket to feel comfortable, that price skyrockets.

2- They’re hot.

If you ever wanted to bring the heat and humidity of the Amazon River Basin to your bedroom, look no further than a weighted blanket. Those thousands of weighted plastic pellets trap your body heat like the walls of a sauna. All that’s missing are the naked old guys to make you feel uncomfortable.

3- They’re dirty.

Did you know that you can’t easily machine wash most weighted blankets? Even though some come with a washable duvet (a super fancy word for a cover), that’s only partial protection from dead skin cells, allergens, sweat, dust mites, and other gross stuff. You don’t wrap your burrito in a tortilla that was dragged across the ground, so why wrap yourself in a nasty blanket every night. 

4- They don’t travel.

When my wife and I went on vacation last year, I secretly wondered if she was transporting a body in her bright red, fridge-sized suitcase. Now imagine adding an additional 30 pounds to that. A weighted blanket is simply too big and too heavy to travel with. 

5- They’re cumbersome.

How many times have you kicked off your blankets in the middle of the night, only to find them piled up on the floor? With a 30-pound weighted blanket, good luck hauling that heavy thing back onto the bed.


I designed the Sleep Pod to fix all of these problems. The Sleep Pod is far less expensive than a weighted blanket and uses light, breathable, machine washable fabric to envelope you in a swaddle of solitude and tranquility. You’ll sleep like a baby.

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